Benefits of Becoming a Politician

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How To Protect Your Home's Water By Well Water Testing

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When your home’s water comes from a well located on the property instead of from a city source, you need to protect your family’s health from pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals. You are able to do this by testing your well water for substances that shouldn’t be there. If you are new to well water, there are several ways to protect it. Reasons to Test There are several reasons to test your well water and they don’t just include existing health problems you might experience. Read More»

Covering A Large District With Your Bid For Office? What Are Your Best Outreach Methods?

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If you’ve recently made the decision to seek state elected office, you may be excited at the prospects of the political season that awaits you and eager to get out and begin shaking hands and kissing babies. However, scheduling speeches, meet-and-greets, and other public networking events in your district can be a challenge if your electorate is spread across hundreds of miles, and you may worry you’ll spend more time in transit than you do actually getting your name and face out before potential voters, an especial concern if you’re running against a well-known incumbent. Read More»

Two Reasons Not To Bet On Political Polls

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With every political season, campaign managers, commentators, and everyday people comb through polls to get an idea about just who will win the election. While polls aren’t necessarily a bad thing, they aren’t always the most accurate source of information. The reality is that there have been numerous elections where the candidate seemingly leading in the polls found themselves giving a concession speech on the night of the election. Here are just some of the reasons it’s always best to analyze political polls with caution. Read More»